Choosing Your Local Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

If you are notified that you have been suspected of fraud against the Medicaid system, timeliness is definitely of the essence in this matter. The longer that you delay getting this problem resolved, the more likely the court will rule against you and hand down some pretty significant punishments. Now is not the time to just blow this off thinking the issue will resolve itself, now is the time to hire yourself the best possible local NY Medicaid fraud lawyer. If nothing else, consult with one so you can be absolutely sure what is at stake here.

Discover What Went Wrong

The reason that you need to sit down with the local NY Medicaid fraud lawyer is to find out what went wrong here. maybe this is just a matter of the courts needing some information updated on your original application. Perhaps you neglected for whatever reason to list some assets on your application, and the courts want to set the record straight. Then there could be the instances where your employer may have been in contact with the investigators and provided them information that shows that you were making much more money at the time than what you listed on your application.

Dealing With the Courts

It doesn't really matter if this is an issue of change of address or stealing from the program, not responding will give the court no choice but to hand down a harsh penalty. The sooner you consult with the local NY medicaid fraud lawyer and get to the bottom of the issue, the sooner a case can be made on your behalf so that you are not going to have to deal with all the negativity coming your way. The court can stop your payments, make you pay pack a portion of the benefits, or in the most extreme cases, have you repay every penny of the benefits you received.